Wednesday, April 13, 2005


My updates are becoming less frequent >_< I dont have time at all :p

Let's see whats new...

1) Came to NYC and shared a place with a friend. Great roommate and fun to hang with... but, of course, privacy is needed ^_^; On June 1st, I will move out into a studio located about 4 blocks from the Queens Blvd Mall (Queens.... duh!). It's really nice, comfy, and exactly the size I need for myself and the occassional guest(s). Top floor and close everything, especially the train(s) (thank God!)... and schweet price!

2) Video updates.... oh, yeah! I was suppose to update these as well >_< Sowwy! I get projects, finish them, do my work and then I have to check on others, so I keep forgetting to process them for the web. Today it seems will be a very lazy day. I'll, once again, digitize my videos and upload them.

3) I plan on building a projector... but getting started... too... lazy... to... get... hammer... and... nails... but... must... get... starte... ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz I'm seriously thinking of just buying a plasma ¬.¬ We'll see

I'll update in a few

Monday, March 21, 2005

With great power comes great responsabilities? A what....?


SpiderMan! Yay! Anyhoo! ^_^;

My new title and position came in a few days ago, and, of course, my workload tripled 0.o Longer hours, more responsabilities, greater the tension, but of course, greater the rewards.

All in all, I am happy with the way things are turning career-wise. It's a lot of work, but the final goal, that which drove me through college, is now getting closer and becomes more palpable.

Now, project wise:

Jordan Classic

Every year, Michael Jordan sponsors a game which brings together some of the best high school basketball players of the nation under one roof, and have them compete in a very brutal match of red versus white (sounds more like a gladiator match than a basketball game >_<). The game is set to run on April 16th for the first time in the Madison Square Garden in NYC (previously it run in Washington D.C. and it use to be called the Jordan Capital Classic (and before Jordan sponsored it, it was called simply the Capital Classic).

So, we were commissioned to created a video that would run in video walls in all Footlockers around the nation. Here's a list of what we did

1) Created a five minute video highlighting players like Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Amare Stoudamire, whom had all participated in past Classic events (they were all high school players). With clips of Jordan and the kids (players) visiting a children's hospital. Included, obviously, were highlights of the events: Dunk contests, game highlights, etc, etc...

2) Client called in: Video too long. Video was cut down to 2:30 but Stoudamire was dropped from video

3) Another change: Hospital visit was not focus of video, though important, it must be shortened. Also, please do not include any shots of current NCAA players <--WTF? This only left us with about 10 shots of Lebron and Carmelo

4)Another Change: Please use only Jordan font. <-- ?? Problem with this request was that Jordan font is called Universe and unfortunately it is not available for the Mac (or at least I dont think so, we tried looking for it but did not find it). We actually ended up creating slates with fonts built from scratch! OMG WHAT A FREAKING HASSLE!

5) Another change!! Lebron must be dropped from video! He represents Nike, not Jordan 0.o (Even though the video was being commissioned by Nike). Therefore, we only had Carmelo as our video basketball star.

6) We send out video but receive a note: The deadline for the video has passed and we had missed it 0.o Not our fault, since client did not specify when they needed the video anyway. We missed the deadline by about an hour

So, we thought we were finished with the video. But....

7) Client called in: They need a :30 second video for a spot in all sports channel highlighting the Jordan Classic >_< But this time we can include all the footage WE HAD IN THE FIRST VERSION!!! BUT IT ALL MUST FIT IN 30 SECONDS!!! WITH SLATES!!!!

/Tuqui have headache

Currently working on video... Will post both versions: 5 minute original video and 30 second commercial


On a side note :D Covered PSP Launch Party (Stars! Celebrities! Models! Falling Models! Wardrobe Malfunction Models!). Schweet! Twisted Metal is coming back! And looks as good as Twisted Metal 2! Cant wait 'til I get one >:D

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Problem Solved

It seems I found the problems that caused me to not being able to control the Digi deck remotely. It seems I had set up the deck as LTC, and not VITC which caused FCP to await a signal when capturing began, thereby capturing a corrupted file and wasting unnecessary space... go figure o.0

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Equipment Set-up

So in the very bottom you should see a pic of my desk. It took me about 2 days to set everything up, since the day I entered the studio only the G5, monitor, ext HDD and AJA Io were connected (But the AJA had nothing connected to it).

The equipment's was set-up be self-sufficient, without the need of external equipment outside my office (In other words, there should be no need for bumping, dubbing, or any other tasks out of the equipment in the desk). Also, the equipment was bought to handle large uncompressed video files, audio files, captures, exports, compositing, motion graphics, CG work, editing, DVD authoring. So, everything is top of the line.

Here's the setup:

We use Betas as our video source (no DVs here... DVs are the devil's tool!). I capture uncompressed video footage via a Beta deck that also captures DigiBeta, Beta SX, MPEG IMX, and of course SP. It also has the slot ready for pancake tapes. It brings in video as Uncompressed Video 8-bit 4:2:2 and it reads it in either PAL or NTSC, via an SDI signal, so I dont need conversions from the deck or an additional audio output.


The signal from the Beta deck goes either to:

1) Beta SP VTR (via a composite signal). This was set-up, so whenever someone needed to dub from Digi to SP they could do it right there without the need to capture in the G5 (I have the only Digi deck in the studio) Since the Digi Deck can take either PAL/NTSC, but the VTR did not (only NTSC), we had to get a video converter (Digi (PAL/NTSC) > Composite > Converter (PAL/NTSC) > Composite > VTR (NTSC only). The audio signal goes from the Digi deck via XLR's cables into an Audio Mixer which outputs into the Beta SP VTR also via the Mixer's Main Outputs which are also XLR's

2) Mac G5. Video (and deck) is captured remotely via a 9-Pin RS422 controller from the Digi Deck's SDI signal through the ALA Io's firewire into the G5, which is then stored into an external HDD. External HDD is my scratch disk. I dont use G5's HDD to capture anything at all. For some reason, the RS422 controller stopped working... I have no idea why >_< But no biggie, since I always controlled the Digi Deck with the shuttle anyway.

DigiBeta Deck does not record video. It only outputs.


I also have a VCR. This goes into the AJA Io from a RCA Video connection into a Composite signal. Audio signal (L&R) go from RCA Audio to 1/4 inch into the AJA Io (AES/EBU). I started by using Super VHS (S-Video), but the connection started getting grainy during capture o.0 No one has any idea why


DVD Player. I do not have one, but when I need to capture something from DVD, it goes directly to the Beta VTR via an S-Video connection with audio going from RCA Audio (L&R) to Audio Mixer to Main Outputs to VTR via XLR's.


The AJA Io, outputs into the VCR and the Beta via different lines.

1) Into the VCR from AJA Io using an S-Video connection. Audio going out from the AJA Io into Audio Mixer using XLR's and from Mixer to VCR using 1/4 inch to RCA Audio (L&R)

2) Into the Beta VTR using a Component connection (RGB). Audio going from AJA Io into Audio Mixer into Beta VTR all using XLR's


I have a Multiformat Engine and Monitor which I use as my NTSC monitor. This connects to the AJA Io Composite output. Engine contains PAL/NTSC, WS (16:9), HD, SD, Blue Only, Mono, VGA, several BNC connections (Composite/Component) and one 12-pin component connection.


Only problems so far with this set up are

1) RS422 controller. I really dont know why. I can capture fine, but not remotely.

2) VCR giving problems when capturing as it gives audio and video glitches. But this is due, I believe, to the recording and not the equipment. I need further testing on this.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Removing Videos

Right now, I have a few videos that I cannot post due to the songs that were used in them. As a matter, of fact, I will remove a few from the ones below. A lot of our projects are for in-house viewing (inside the corporation that requested them), therefore there is no problem with the videos hasving popular songs. But when it comes to having songs that will be displayed to the public, we need to be careful in choosing the song, since the artist can end up viewing the video and either a) request royalties and/or b) we end up with a nice lawsuit in our hands.

Therefore, after I post this, a few of the videos below will no longer be linked. I hope you enjoyed them :D I sure enjoyed working on them, and they will be going on my reel ;)

Monday, January 31, 2005

Mercedes-Benz Detroit Auto Show

Two videos that came from the Mercedes-Benz Detroit Auto Show.

First was a quick montage of everything that happened with the introduction of the Mercedes-Benz M class, along with anything else that that belonged to the MBenz display. Video was then sent out to employees.

Second video was more specific as to what MBenz wanted. Dr. Eckhard Cordes is one of the AG Board Managers, so MBenz wanted a video highlighting everything he talked about.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Classic Maybach

Final video for Classic Maybach in the Detroit Auto Show. No changes were done to this version, well, actually, I had to lower the volume a bit during soundbites, but overall they were content with the video.

Funny events concerning this video:

1) First OT, I used this nice soundbite of Ulrich but the way he ended 1903 did not sound convincing at all, so I used 1903 from another video footage and used it as his voice over. It queued up perfectly, but I forgot to change levels and it ended up sounding kinda cheesy :D Bad voiceover work!

2) The song used as background was finally approved after 5 different changes. Funny thing is, this soundtracks was the second revision ^_^; After 5 changes, we ended up using the second song and I guess no one noticed it

3) I sent a NTSC DVD to the auto-show, but I got a called saying that they needed PAL. Strange, because if you work with displays/video, all your DVD players play both NTSC and PAL! Unless you're working with 6 year old hardware >_< Fine, I sent a PAL DVD. Next day I get a call that the problem isnt PAL or NTSC since the DVD player PLAYED BOTH OF THEM, but it seems the DVD player is not accepting the DVD! It kept spitting it out. Request from Maybach: Send the DVD burned on a DVD-R, not on a DVD+R. Guess what... all of our DVDs are burned on DVD-Rs :D Told the video guys, and I still have not heard from them ^_^;